About Me

“Permit me to introduce myself.”  No, I’m not Dracula, nor am I stealing his line.  Vampires and Dracula monopolized my life for numerous years after my book, American Vampires: Fans, Victims, & Practitioners was first published in 1989.  That gives me license to quote the Count — but more about that another time.

© Photo by Daniel Zolinsky, 2013.
© Photo by Daniel Zolinsky, 2013.

My name is Norine Dresser.  I am a widow with three adult children, four grandchildren, one great-granddaughter, and a sick old cat whose many prescriptions identify him as, “Tom Cat Dresser.”  Whenever I pick up his meds I always inquire, “Does Tom get my Medicare discount, too?”  I sometimes receive a laugh but never a price cut.

In my professional life I am a folklorist who taught for twenty years at California State University Los Angeles.  Additionally, I am a well-published writer on a wide variety of topics including cultural differences, customs and rituals, a horse bar mitzvah, death and grieving, and Jewish shopping habits.  I am especially proud of writing an award-winning column, “Multicultural Manners,” for the Los Angeles Times (1993 to 2001).

Join me in my adventures on “Norine’s New Life @80” as I describe uprooting myself from my Los Angeles home and life in a cosmopolitan city and resettling in the unfamiliar small town of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I want to amuse you and at the same time reinforce that we are never too old to relish the new.  I want to persuade you that the 80th decade should not mean that we only observe.  We can still participate in life.

Let me hear from you.  Tell me about the good times and laughter that you are still enjoying.  Let’s swap stories and ideas about the satisfactions as well as the challenges that come with the octogenarian territory.

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