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Norine Dresser  recording her Multicultural Minutes for KTAL-LP. Photo by Mariah Chase. © Norine Dresser photo collection, 2017.


“No Molesta” [Duration: 1:57]

Station Identification:

This is station KTAL-LP, 101.5 FM in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Music: Introduction: “Ekoneni” (Mark Dresser)


Voice: Introduction –

Hello. This is Norine Dresser presenting, “Your Multicultural  Minute,” true stories about       how cultural differences can create miscommunication.


Each weekday morning, several moms on the block happily drop off their toddlers            at Rosa’s house. She is their Mexican baby sitter and takes excellent care of their       children.

One afternoon, Rosa’s 13-year-old nephew, Ernesto, accompanies her as she walks the children back to their homes. When they arrive at Emma’s house, her father, Fred, greets them.

Ernesto says, “Your daughter is very beautiful.” Fred thanks him, and Ernesto responds, “No molesta.”

A strange look crosses Fred’s face. Then when he sees his daughter kiss Ernesto goodbye, Fred becomes enraged.

¿Qué Pasó? What Happened?

Fred jumped to the conclusion that “no molesta” meant Ernesto didn’t molest her. But in Spanish, the verb ”molestar” also means “disturb.” What Ernesto was saying was, “She’s no trouble; she’s no bother.”

Music Exit: “Ekoneni” continuation

<<Fade Under>>

Voice Exit:

Thanks for listening, and if you have a cultural miscommunication story you would like to share, contact me at That’s spelled n-o-r-i-n-e-d-r-e-s-s-e-r.


Hi Friends and Family,

I am very excited to announce that I’m ON THE AIR, with two-minute shows, “Your Multicultural Minute.” Yes, on July 26, 2017, Las Cruces inaugurated a community radio station called KTAL, the radio symbol for “¿Qué Tal?” that in Spanish means, “What’s happening?”

I have already produced numerous episodes like the one above based, in part, on Multicultural Manners stories from my books and award winning Los Angeles Times column.

Although we already have a public radio station here in Las Cruces, KRWG, most of their programming originates from National Public Radio. In contrast, KTAL aims to focus on local issues and events, especially, the arts.

This station has been a two-year dream of Nan Rubin, a community radio activist, and Kevin Bixby, Executive Director of the Southwest Environmental Center in Las Cruces. Thanks to them, their hardworking volunteers, and local support, that dream has come true. Now, I am proud to say, “I’ll see you on the radio.”


Norine Dresser is a folklorist who delights in announcing her affiliation with radio KTAL- LP, 101.5 FM in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

8 thoughts on “ON AIR”

    1. I have a microphone, Sony recorder, plus ear phones. I record from home and then just e-mail them in to the studio. So far, I haven’t heard myself, but they are working out some of the technological bugs before the schedule is fully loaded. Some folks record live from the studio.
      I have a one minute story with a half minute musical and verbal intro as well as a half minute closing musical interlude and narration. I used my son’s music and kept it all in the family. If you want to know more about my set-up, just phone or email me.

  1. Your multicultural minute was the perfect way to celebrate our 62nd wedding anniversary today. We remember how wonderful those columns were – so many teachable moments! Onward, Norine. You are the original Energizer Bunny.

    1. Happy Anniversary. My how the time has flown. I remember your wedding and even what I wore. I also remember Stu’s father’s sad face as the two of you drove away from the hotel. So much has happened between then and now, but we have all weathered the storms. I’m so happy that we have remained close kissing cousins. Love you, N.

    1. Energize Bunny? You should see me now, sitting at the computer with an ice belt around my aching back. I don’t feel too energetic, but I try. Thanks for your kind words. Love, N.

  2. You inspire me to start drawing and painting again. Haven’t done anything (art wise) since the back fracture in mid-April. Just couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pain. Looks like you are able to ignore it sometimes. So I have to move on to things I can do and forget about those things I can’t handle any more. So onward and upward like Norine.

  3. Oh, no, Marie. Didn’t know about the back fracture. How did that happen? And yes, once you go back to your drawing and painting, the pleasure will block out the pain. No matter how I feel, when I go to ukulele practice and sit in an uncomfortable chair for three hours, I am so busy concentrating on the music and camaraderie, that I feel no pain — until I get home. The mind does amazing things. Hope you’re up and at it soon. I just love your animal drawings. Love you, too.

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